Owning design software doesn’t make one a graphic designer any more than owning a pen makes one a writer. Luckily, trained and true graphic designers like Kelli Szluka are available to help your brand put its best foot forward. Kelli’s diverse and vast east and west coast chops include inspired design brilliance for everything from major television networks (We tv, AMC Networks, History Channel, FX, Lifetime, EPIX, CNN) to motorcycle customization companies, to cosmetics manufacturers — with logos, websites and custom letterpressed stationery thrown in for good measure. Face it: it’s not everyday you find a classically trained print designer who is as comfortable designing key art for We tv’s newest reality TV show as she is designing a sales training guide for Toyota.

Across all her boutique agency’s work, Kelli harnesses the value and impact of proper typography, image use, and composition both in print and digital media and isn’t shy about discussing
with a client what will and won’t work and why. She listens; she gets it; and then she delivers enthusiastically, on time and on budget. It’s no wonder why nearly every client is a repeat client,
and most of them want to buy her dinner.

Kelli has designed Emmy® and Golden Globe® campaigns while winning several awards herself, including two Promax/BDA awards; having two original wedding invitation designs chosen for the OUTPUT Design Regional creative competition in Albany, New York; and having her wedding stationery designs featured on With recognition rolling in like thunder,
Kelli was an obvious choice to be honored in her alma mater’s annual alumni show.

When she’s not making magic for clients, you’ll probably find her logging miles on the treadmill, refurbishing unique furniture finds, and spending time with her adorable daughter, Riley. Kelli is the girlfriend you call to share tapas and wine; the wife who’s happy to watch football with her man and his pals; and the creative powerhouse who seems to clairvoyantly know what you need before you even articulate what you want.

Photo credit: Megan Khichi Photography